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Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ Digi-Cam

The dream of a compact digital camera and a projector combo is now a reality!

With few exceptions, every consumer digital camera out there these days is amazing. All of them take good footage and offer easy to use choices that rival skilled cameras. Then there are some that transcend even excellent, to the number of astounding. The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ stands alone as simply... breathtaking.

Positive there are way more cameras that supply megapixels for unimaginable resolution. Completely different cameras have high-resolution LCD monitors that build previewing your shots easy. Though, not invariably as spectacular in perform because the 5 totally different advanced strategies Nikon employs, along with Lens shift VR (vibration reduction), ISO 6400, Electronic VR image stabilization, Motion Detection, and Best Shot Selector. The S1000pj automatically selects that combination is required for the foremost rock-solid image.

However there's no completely different digital camera on the market that options a designed-in projector. Yes, that is right, a projector right on the camera itself. No wish to plug in an SD card to your HDTV. Just project the image right on the wall in your home, office... anywhere.

It can additionally boost of having the flexibility to produce you with the choice of protecting your picture. You will be prepared to easily and individually shield your footage, or you'll place them in an exceedingly terribly slide slow feature.

The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ conjointly options skin softening technology.Which will really study your subject's skin and create any necessary changes. But let's go back to to that projector for a minute.

The kit options a stand, thus you do not need to face there holding your projector camera, shaking the image all the while. There is additionally a wireless remote management thus operation is as simple because it may probably be. You'll download the pictures if you would like, though, with ease by plugging the high-speed USB interface into your computer.And, as a result of of onboard internal memory and also the SD/SDHC slot you will have lots of cabinet area for those high resolution images.

You get all that in an exceedingly slim package that matches easily in the tiniest hands. And also the camera weighs solely 5.five oz, not together with battery and SD card.With these distinctive features, this camera aims to satisfy the demand of skilled photographers, who would like to display their pictures. That is not merely amazing.That is breathtaking. That is the NikonThe dream of a compact digital camera and a projector combo is now a reality!