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Some of the Best and Most Useful Tips to Buy Digital Cameras

Looking to buy a camera to get started in the digital photography world? Read the following tips and avail the best cam for your money.

Check the Optical Viewfinder

There are many digi cams that lack an optical viewfinder which later can pose a lot of problem. There are various low cost digi cams, especially the compact cams that lack an optical viewfinder. Not having an optical viewfinder can cause you many problems:

- An LCD screen requires power that causes batteries to drain faster than an optical viewfinder.
- When there is a high amount of ambient light, such as in daytime, it becomes difficult to see through LCD.
- An LCD screen may lack the detail of an optical viewfinder which may be crucial in some photo composition situations.

Zoom Lens with DSLRs can be Great!

While buying a digi cam, you also need to check whether it has an option of adding extra lens to it or not. Most SLRs have to contend with a DSLR magnification factor, which is also known as a focal length multiplier.

So, if an ultra wide zoom is critical to your photography, how can you compensate for this?

- Spend some extra money and purchase a DSLR that has a 'no crop' or a 'low crop' factor.
- Look for ultra-wide angle zoom lenses. With these lenses, you can get a better image.

Look for ISO 50 Supports

You must always look for digi cams with ISO 50 support that provides better, crisper and cleaner images. Though, most digi cams have at least ISO 100 as their ISO setting, but in case you are looking for clearer and crisper photographs, consider purchasing a cam with ISO 50 support.

The pictures clicked with these settings are also less noisy than ISO 100 setting, but they require lot of light, else the image will be underexposed. Besides this, due to extended exposure times, you can most likely require to use a tripod or other stabilizing device.

Opting For Cam with More Megapixels for Greater Cropping Ability

You can crop more with higher megapixel digi cams. While buying a digi cam, you should opt for a 5+ or more megapixel cam that will surely offer you advantages over smaller megapixel cams. If you have a 5+ megapixel cam with the right photo editing software, you will easily be able to eliminate small elements from the picture. Without cropping too much, you can easily print out 8 X 10 prints without any degradation in quality. If you crop pictures taken by cams like lesser megapixels, you may find a few pixilation in the final print out.

Therefore, you need to be very selective and look for all the above factors while buying a digi cam.