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Yamax Digi-Walker Power Walker 3D Sensor Pedometer

Introducing the NEW Just Released Yamax Digi-Walker 3 Directions accelerometer sensor pedometer.

Don't be fooled by the name - this pedometer is not just for the Power
Walker, it's also the perfect partner if you are just starting a health program!

This is a very different pedometer than any pedometer you may have already
used. The Yamax Power Walker uses a 3D acceleration sensor and does not use the
usual pendulum mechanism. (no more annoying clicking noises!)

What is an acceleration sensor?

Even though the use of an acceleration sensor may be new to a pedometer - it
is certainly not a new invention - many of us may be using it now...Check out
the following paragraph to understand the most common

Accelerometer Usage
The most significant use of accelerometers
is in the deployment of vehicular airbags, which are designed to trigger when
the accelerometer determines that the vehicle's rate of speed has significantly
dropped off. In a similar vein, accelerometers can be used to switch on special
braking systems when a vehicle appears to be spinning or tilting out of control.

Accelerometers are also commonly used to protect fragile pieces of equipment.
Vehicles can use the information provided by accelerometers to reduce strain on
their internal workings when going over bumpy or windy roads, and many laptop
computers are now equipped with sensors which take protective physical measures
(such as sealing off the hard drive) to mitigate the damage if they detect that
the computer has been dropped.

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Back to
the Yamax Power Walker 3D Pedometer...

This pedometer has some incredible features such

Speed - it measures the speed covered while walking or
Power Walking - The sensor knows when you are
'working out' at a higher intensity and then measures the number of steps and
calculates the burned fat weight during that intensity!
7 day
 - How good is that!
Activity time -
Measures the time covered whilst walking or jogging!

Plus of course all the normal features such as
Step counter, distance, calories etc
For the full table of functions click

You can't go wrong with this pedometer - it's easy to use and gives you
plenty of information!

Who I would recommend purchase this type of Power
Walker pedometer...

A great pedometer if you are overweight (tummy hanging over your waistband)
and struggle to keep a normal pedometer on your belt in the correct
If you are an exerciser and like to see the fat burnt, time
taken as well as your aerobic steps and daily steps separated.
If you don't
like wearing a pedometer on your waistband.
If you are enjoy tracking
results about your fitness/weight loss than the Power Walker is definitely worth
the few extra dollars!

A quick note...

You must
break away from traditional thinking when using this pedometer

You do not wear it on your waistband!
You can place it in...
Your top
Trouser pocket (not back pocket as you may damage it)
In your
Or wear around the neck (the instructions don't say this - but I
have tested it around the neck and its works just as good!
All these methods
will produce an accurate step reading.

Happy walking!